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Monterey Fair Grounds Lounge

Mumford & Sons - Gentlemen Of The Road | August, 2012

One huge advantage to working in a warehouse full of other artists and small business folks is the connections you make just by being around. Jacqueline - owner of Suite Treatments - has commented on the art she's seen coming out of my studio, knowing that at somepoint the gears would mesh and we would find project to colaborate on. And so it happens a perfect combination came up with the Mumford & Sons - Gentlemmen of the Road tour date in Monterey.

The diorama - named after the book 'Travels with Charley' - is based on several photos of John Steinbeck and images of his GMC truck, Rocinante, named after Don Quixote’s horse. It's 3ft x 4ft and about 3.5 inches deep.

Deeply inspired by John Steinbeck, Mumford & Sons hosted a program with the National Steinbeck Center, which included music, drama and discussion exploring how Steinbeck’s work continues to inspire artists from around the world.

Check out the progress on my facebook page photo album.

Oakland City Hall

Art & Soul - East Bay Express | August, 2012

The install is In! Art & Soul showcases local artists and musicians. With the help of Terry Furry from the East Bay Express I was able to join the party, and with Greg telling me I should do a wall sized piece things came together beautifully. The diorama is placed under the main stairway at Oakland City Hall. It's a cozy alcove & tunnel arrangement - hard to photograph but it looks great in person. If you can't make the Art & Soul festival please come by during regular hours during the week. The whole Plaza side of City Hall is filled with art - Tracy Snelling, Taro Hattori, Masako Miyazaki, John W. Wood, Todd T. Brown, Ramekon O’Arwisters, Mayumi Hamanaka and Namita Kapoor.

The Oakland Underground Film Festival will screen, on Saturday night, a collection of new and renowned feature films by local filmmakers in the third floor Council Chambers. A collaborative community digital project with Lightbox Sf will feature photos by Oaklanders taken 200 Yards from the Oak tree.

A collection of outdoor newspaper boxes converted into functional art pieces curated by Oakland-based artist Eddie Colla will be exhibited and Saturday’s late night bash will feature, in audio-synchronicity with DJ Dyloot who will be spinning from the rooftop of City Hall, 3-D video projections on City Hall and other buildings around Frank Ogawa Plaza by the students and faculty from the Ex’pression College. Simultaneously, the Illuminated Corridor’s light-based art projections led by Oakland artist Suki O’Kane will pierce the darkness with their renowned gorilla-style artistry.

Special Thanks to Greg Elliott, Brooke Sommerfeldt, Terry Furry, Katie Holton, Hank Aasand, Jim MacIlvaine, Rebecca Peters, Ashley Ness, Stephen Bruce & American Steel Studios.

Living Room

Mayfair Series in progress | April, 2012

Good things are stirring in the air - Spring on it's way? It's good to be back on the Mayfair series, long neglected after the rush to produce Jix and the dreads of winter and - yet another - leaky studio roof. 'Living Room' has been in process for a long time and I was starting to feel I had lost the thread of the story and the mechanics of my hand to go there. Scarcely a day went by that the images of this other world weren't emblazoning the insides of my eyelids every time I blinked. I know I still have a ways to go - at least five more - but I'm really feeling up to it!

Good news also come in from Art Beat Salon where 'Skimmer at Low Tide' and 'Cloud Station' have sold and Mr. Stratton has asked for a few more - so one more detour. I have sketches for 5 more of the New World Diorama but I'll just build 2 or three for now - I don't want to loose Mayfair again.


Brooke's Backyard - West Oakland | February, 2012

Once upon a time I knew an artist who burned a big stack of old drawings and sketchbooks and paintings. At the time I was completely aghast and said as I pinched his arm "I would have kept them!!" - he laughed and said it had to be done. Truly thinking that he had made a critical error I swore I would never make the same mistake myself.

Well the circle has come around and I did it, prefacing the event to the attendees that no art would be given over to their care so don't bother asking.

I must say that the experience was quite a balm! These were pieces that had really suffered the trials of time, and were really falling to pieces or were unfinished and had lost their immediacy in my current lexicon -

If you are an artist and feeling in any way bogged down by old unfinished works you know you'll never never finish or haunted by works that speak from what should be the grave - I Highly recommend an art burn of your own! The real catharsis for me was making a little film out of it - a Phoenix of sorts.

Mechanical Voyages

Gallery 1044 | January, 2012

The invite to participate in the show landed in my lap by way of studio mate Rebecca (Thanks Again!) and with only 2 months to go in the dead of winter I gathered together all my sketches of Jix and got to work. She appeared in a few drawings - taking shape and story as the year had passed - and now was becoming a force of her own.

The schedule was so tight I even hired on Miko Suko to help out and it was a race to the wire - finalizing the last work 2 days before drop off. It's really amazing what a deadline can do for your work ethics - 11 to 14 hour days in a cold and damp warehouse paid off!

The show included Johnny Botts, Eddie Valentine, Solis and Fred Crum - and was the final show at Gallery 1044. It will be missed.

Diamonds In The Rough

At American Steel Studios | December, 2011

American Steel attracts a wide range of art enthusiasts.

Metalworks, paintings, kinetic sculptures, video all attract their own fans so the show was a buzz of folks enjoying what ever genre attracted them in the first place and enjoying unexpected works from the 20+ artists who participated. I sold two of the New World Dioramas! My works tend to attract the geekier folks. All in all the show was a tremendous success - even the weather cooperated!

Dylan Bergeson writes up a more extensive review of his favorites at Oakland North

Urban Genuine

Putting on a show of our own | October, 2011

Rebecca Peters and I take on the challenge of filling up a cavernous space.

There's nothing like a participating in a poorly announced show to get your brain fired up and just go the DIY route. Rebecca pulled in some amazing artists and I whipped the space into shape. Here's the copy - - -

Urban Genuine - A Panoramic View of Bay Area Artists

American Steel Studios proudly opens it's doors to host a conceptually and aesthetically diverse show drawing from the many talents of Bay Area artists and artisans. Enter the rollup door on 20th between Poplar and Mandela Parkway -

Contributing Artists: Jake Hout, Peter max Lawrence, Brük Dunbar, Alex Segal, Terry Furry, Mark Schaer, Gregory Turner, Jann Nunn, Maureen Shields, R.Black, Rebecca Peters, Libby Miller, Thomas Christopher Haag, Alex Rosmarin, Katie McCann, Andy Lane, Jane Elliott, Joe Kowalczyk, Doug Lawler, Carl Steiger, Juan Jimenez and more - -

Holiday Show

At American Steel Studios | December, 2010

Our first show in the Poplar Gallery was a Great Success!

After we come out the other end of the 2010 winter holidays the participating artists and the other businesses at American Steel will be discussing the future show schedule.

quite a good crowd showed up despite the drizzle outside. Nearly all the Poplar artists had work to contribute and quite a few from the American Steel building

Check out a quick set of photos from the show here

Momoko - Subjective Arts - posted a more extensive set here

Robots at Farley's Coffee

Art, Music and Coffee | October, 2010

Robots at Farleys Coffee 33 Grand Ave, Oakland October 1st to October 30th

This month the Robots travel to Farley's Coffee to hang out with the downtown Oakland coffee set.

Upstairs find the art of Ben Johnston. There are a few Robots on the way so watch out!On Sunday the 24th - Big Beat Trio will sling Jazz and I'll be adding a new Robot to the show fresh off the workbench! The music will be on from 11 am to 2pm. Once you have enough caffine in your system you can achieve a higher level of neutral bouancy by having a few beers.

Farley's East

Art Beat Salon

All the Robots at one show | August, 2010

'Jane Elliott brings out the inner nerd in all of us with her amazing collection of helpful robots. 'I think they are mostly here to clean up the mess we have made of the planet.'

Elliott draws on her background in 3D modeling, graphic design and love of literature to create just what we need. Her Robots are cheerful, clever and beautifully rendered in layers of wood and glossy paint.'     Christian Stratton - Art Beat Salon -

New Studio

American Steel Studios in West Oakland | March, 2010

March 2010 - A new Studio At American Steel - Finally a new non-leaking - non-rat infested studio. Studio mates Carl Steiger and Ben Johnston - and many other studio neighbors - It is good to be around other artists again


Top 30 at Projekt 30 | February, 2010

Projekt 30 is an artist run arts organization, dedicated to providing professional level web hosting for fine artists. In addition to providing web sites for hundreds of fine artists, since 2003 we have conducted over 100 online juried exhibitions, featured the artwork of 1,000s of world-renound artists, and have facilitated the sale of thousands of artworks.

Nuclear Geocacher 119

Working with Enamels | January, 2010

At work on Nuclear Geocacher 119 -

After some experimentation and a desire to have a durable gloss finish without using varnish I decided on One Shot Lettering Enamel.

Mixing is easy and the color versatility is enless - brilliant to somber - tints, shades and tones all carry consistant pigment saturation and flow. It takes a minute to figure ratios after so many years with acrylics, but the brilliance and finish surpass anything I could get even with a varnish finish.

Visual Aid's Big (Blue) Deal

Robot gets out for a good cause | November, 2009

Visual Aid's BIG (BLUE) DEAL SOMArts Cultural Center 934, San Francisco, CA Saturday, November 14th, 2009

On Saturday, Nov 14, 2009, over 600 works of art are auctioned at $160 each. I donated 'Three Way Auto Max' and spent some time hanging out with Peter Max Lawrence.

A group of passionately concerned artists, collectors and art dealers founded Visual Aid in 1989 to serve artists affected by the disease. Over time, the organization expanded its mission to help produce, present and preserve the work of visual artists in need.

Each year, over 75 professional, visual artists suffering from disabling, life-threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and Breast Cancer benefit from Visual Aid's programs.

Visual Aid Web Site

Living City Two: Art Quest

Manifesto Bkies | August, 2009

'More than just another Art Murmur, the merchants of the 40th St. Corridor appreciate the value that support for the local economy can have on a neighborhood. All the owners of these businesses, as well as the exhibiting artists, are also residents of Oakland. Please join us all for an evening of art, crafts, fun, and community. - Happenstand Article.


A Talk with Obi Kaufman | June, 2009

June 2009

Obi Kaufmann comes by for a chat at my shed/studio on 5th street

To read the whole of Obi’s writing click here.

At work on RBot 2112

These were my last days working in the collapsing shed. It was free and all my own - but free does come with a price - which often included a deluge through the leaking, sagging roof or dealing with rat party leftovers or the mold or the spiders...

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